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What is the Supplemental Emergency Medicine Experience (SEME) program?

This is a new training program for family physicians funded through the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care that is being offered through the Department of Family and Community Medicine, University of Toronto. SEME began as a pilot project in 2012 to help support the delivery of emergency medicine services to rural hospitals by enhancing the acute care skills of family physicians working in remote areas of Ontario.

How long is the program?

It is a three-month, full-time fellowship that includes 8 weeks of rotation through Emergency Medicine departments in the Toronto area with the option of supervised placements at semi-rural hospitals that are affiliated with ROMP.  Participants are able to tailor a 4 week block of their fellowship to specific learning needs pertinent to their EM practice  (ICU, Anesthesia, Trauma). Learners also meet once a week for additional academic sessions.  

Note: SEME is a full-time commitment, in which learners are expected not to have other additional clinical commitments during the duration of the fellowship program. 

How many learners are accepted into the program?

The SEME program accepts up to 12 learners per cohort twice per year.

Is there any remuneration during the program?

Participants will receive a stipend of $5000/mth. There is additional funding support to offset expenses and accommodation costs if applicable.

What do I receive upon completion of the SEME program?

Participants will receive a certificate of completion from the CEPD department (Continuing Education and Professional Development), University of Toronto.  The SEME program is accredited for 207 Mainpro+ Certified Group Learning credits after submission of post-course reflection document 3 months after program completion.  The program is also recognized for 256 hours towards practice eligibility status for the CAC-EM exam.

What are the eligibility requirements to apply for the SEME program?

  • CCFP and newly qualified CCFP practicing physicians may apply for the SEME fellowship program. 

  • Participants should have an active College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario license.

  • Learners ideally have a strong connection with rural Ontario communities with the intent to continue serving them

What does the ideal candidate look like? 

The ideal candidate for the SEME program is a family physician interested in providing emergency care in a rural or semi-rural community and who holds knowledge of the core competencies of emergency medicine and is aiming to enhance their existing skills. Rural generalists who have been in practice for years may also wish to use the SEME program to refresh their emergency medicine skills and knowledge. Priority is given to Ontario physicians but we are accepting applications from across Canada.

Can I apply to both the Toronto and Thunder Bay stream?

Yes, applicants are allowed to apply to both SEME streams. However, applications will be reviewed and taken into consideration independently at each site.

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